Di Pompei Rated Top 10 Best New Restaurants in Miami | Di Pompei
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Vesuvius pizza

Di Pompei Rated Top 10 Best New Restaurants in Miami

Pizza Chef


TimeOut Miami has just rated us one the best new restaurants to dine in at in Miami.  Di Pompei is a Beer Garden / Italian Pizza Lounge serving an array of creative pizza creations and craft beers.  We are located in the heart of Brickell on South Miami Avenue where the legendary Tobacco Road used to reside.

Vesuvius pizza

Our Vesuvius PIzza is one of our greatest creations and was featured in TimeOut’s review of Di Pompei. (Photo Cred: Lauren Cedeno)


“This particular oven is larger than most, allowing the pizza to cook faster and away from direct heat—a surprising 1300 degrees.” – TimeOut


Check out the full article here as our Vesuvius pizza was featured by TimeOut, and rightfully so!  We are grateful for any award that comes our way and thank TimeOut for the mention

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