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Robby Wagenseil and Outclique Magazine stopped by our digs recently and only had great things to say.

“The opening of Di Pompei is a gift to Miami from the Pizza Gods. However, there is much more to this place than cheese, sauce, and crust.”

And they are absolutely right!!!  You can read the entire write up here.

sunday brunch at di pompei pizza

That being said, we recently threw a huge party for Thanksgiving Eve that had the place packed out to capacity.  Visit our Instagram @DiPompeiBrickell to see what went down.  Moving forward, we are now hosting a weekly Sunday Brunch called Mercadito Sundays.  A “Mercadito” is a Spanish word for shop, or flea market.  That’s right, we have local vendors replicating the ancient feel of the rustic Di Pompei markets painted on our walls.  In addition, we have also coupled the experience with amazing drink specials that include Mojito and Margarita pitchers, a ‘Champagne Campaign’, buckets of beer and of course, the best pizza in Miami!


Di Pompei Brickell Pizza Thanksgiving

Di Pompei was ROCKING for La Grand Esquina


Di Pompei Brickell Pizza Thanksgiving

Can you say CAP-A-CITY ???


Ricky Camilo Pucho @ Di Pompei Brickell in Miami

Di Pompei was the choice of the ⭐stars⭐as Mau y Ricky ‘Camilo’ Pucho y @eltucutu y Rafa all stopped by 🍕🍹🍾🙏 and partied with us.

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